WoWEXp Technologies: Creating WoW Experience for Everyone

CIO Vendor With the pandemic setting in and pushing people back inside their houses, several businesses felt the brunt of this loss. However, firms like WoWEXp turned the tables and built one-after-the-other AR/VR solutions that further catapulted the experience of buying for customers. Headquartered in Bengaluru, WoWEXp is an AR-VR solution provider enclosing technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D, Mixed Reality both on mobile devices and web AR which help companies increase their ROI and decrease the sales cycle across multiple domains.

With use of latest technology and superior 3D rendering, WoWEXp produces AR/VR content that is unparalleled giving the most immersive experience possible. WowEXp team of experts work on multiple domains putting AR/VR to help retail businesses like décor, closet, real estate, automotive, aviation, virtual events, fashion & food industry. Due to its highly customizable solutions, and majority of its expertise in AR/ VR, WoWEXp is the best solution provider in AR/VR segment.

Driven by a team of around 40 people comprising mostly of highly skilled AR/VR developers, 3D artists, and sales personnel and electronic engineers, WoWEXp is able to meet customers’ unique requisites with utmost finesse. The company’s Business Development Team performs market research on latest technologies and major events in the field of AR/VR. WoWEXp conducts regular training sessions to up-skill the team to stay up-to-date with the latest technology available in the market. WoWEXp also strives to deliver unique solutions than follow suit, thereby positioning itself at the crux of every new development in technology.
The main projects that WoWEXp is working on currently are related to food and fashion industries. WoWEXp has recently partnered with some of the world’s biggest retail giants and is providing solutions in AR/VR to add value to their businesses. Plans are underway to integrate innovative AR solution on their applications, which would enable millions of end-users to experience AR/VR for the most immersive consumer experience. The firm is also partnering with some of the technology giants in the industry in co-creating solutions for their clients as well. “We plan to explore the possibilities of using Augmented Reality across all retail verticals.

WoWEXp also strives to deliver unique solutions than follow suit, thereby positioning itself at the crux of every new development in technology

We also plan to use AR/VR as a tool for a more immersive learning for students and use it in governance including planning projects, metro projects etc. eradicating the need for extended project blueprints and replacing them with 3D models which can reduce overhead and assess risks in real-time”, adds Navin Manaswi, CEO & Founder. More so, Navin informs that WoWEXp also uses AI embedded AR/VR technology for industries, manufacturing plants etc. The firm’s R&D team works tirelessly to fine-tune its solutions and manufacturing hardware in order to make AR/VR accessible to millions of users while putting the technology to best use across retail and ecommerce domains.

WoWEXp solutions are highly customizable, and provide the most immersive experience for endusers using Augmented Reality, thereby ensuring definite valueadd to retail businesses. The main projects that WoWEXp is working on will soon go live and millions of customers will be able to experience augmented reality and its endless possibilities.