VirtiLens: Ushering in the New Paradigms of Interactions

CIO Vendor AR/VR solutions have been knocking around the doors to become mainstream for quite some time now. With Covid-19 setting in, this is gaining concrete shape. As one of the early movers in the AR/VR domain, VirtiLens brings years of experience enabling it to conceptualize, ideate and deliver accurate solutions within a short turn around period.

We had a rendezvous with Akhil Nath, the CEO of the Chennai based AR/VR company, VirtiLens, who gives us a walkthrough of the advancements in the AR & VR tech and how is VirtiLens is positioned to deliver on the demands.

Keeping up with Dynamics of Change
Most of the recent advances in the VR space have been hardware related, the most impressive being the latest offering from Oculus, which is poised to revolutionize the consumer VR market. Last year witnessed several significant advances for enterprise level users, with the most exciting being in the fields of motion sensing and haptics, which have further bridged the gap between real and virtual experiences. “Our team stays up to date as we are quintessential nerds; every advancement is a welcome challenge”, says Akhil. VirtiLens is a fast growing gaming, VR and AR Company that has developed some of the most cutting edge games with mass appeal including the first VR based Cricket Game in India.V20 Cricket is VirtiLens’ Virtual Reality cricket simulator and also one of the first VR cricket games globally.

Identifying Problems, Stitching Solutions, Introducing Transformation
Commercial adoption of AR and VR solutions are no longer the future, it’s already happening. Driven by the practical benefits that such solutions bring forth, studies suggest that 35% of leading business executives have
implemented AR/VR solutions in their organization, a number that is forecasted to grow exponentially in the future. As the first step, VirtiLens indulges in identifying the advantage an AR or VR solution can provide the client. These benefits broadly range between increased productivity & efficiency, improved training and safety standards, and marketing a product to a consumer. Once this is identified, VirtiLens provides a tailor made solution to the client, thereby transforming their business.

VirtiLens’ V20 Cricket is currently present, amongst other locations, at Fun City, India’s biggest large format gaming arcade group. “We believe the development of a high quality VR simulator has given us invaluable experience in stitching together the various elements required to provide sophisticated enterprise level technology solutions; experience that has allowed us to deliver VR, AR and AI projects to the real estate, retail, and hospitality sectors to name a few”, adds Akhil.

New Meaning to Staying Connected
When asked to comment on the future of VR solutions in India, the CEO gave a detailed picture of what the pandemic has resulted into, in terms of the work culture and how it has ushered in a wave of solutions that has helped people stay connected without meeting in person. With ‘work from home’ changing the way people interact, VR has become a very effective tool, and has led to a rise in demand for Virtual Conferences, and Virtual Exhibitions, which are some of the projects VirtiLens has actively worked on in the recent past. The importance of staying safe while staying connected has made way for increased utilization of VR in the field of design validation, with many use cases in the automotive, real estate, healthcare, and aerospace industries.

Future Rides on Innovation
New age technologies like machine learning, infinite computing, and 5G networks, are making significant impact on the VR and AR space. Such technologies, coupled with the current global environment will make VR and AR more effective, affordable, accessible, and ultimately more relevant, thereby cementing their place as mainstays in the modern business. “Prepared for this future, we are emphasizing that the future lies in its ability to innovate, adapt and disrupt. Therefore, we are aimed to continue to provide ground-breaking technology solutions to businesses as well as our consumers in the long run”, concludes Akhil.