AliveNow: Transforming Marketing & Communication with Immersive Media

CIO Vendor As we discern, people pay a significant part of their participation on social media platforms nowadays scanning for data, communication, and purchasing. Digital media consumption has spread up astronomically during the covid-19 crisis.

For different businesses, the promotion palette is not the same and a multi-channel approach fetches only benefits.

AliveNow, the best digital & creative tech studio explored marketing strategies that amplify sales to minimize spending immense sums on producing ads and came up with fun novel spark AR Filters, VR games (Asteroid Shooter on the Oculus store), Interactive videos, Swipe up games, Web and Mobile Application. AR Filters & Lenses on Snapchat ceded for a combination of AR with e-commerce; Web AR Experiences that unlock the magic of AR without the need to download any new app.

Herewith users experience any business beyond to see how a piece of furniture in real space looks or try on bespoke products like lipstick, sunglasses, how a hat looks on his/her head, changes with gestures like smile and nodding head. Through In-App AR, AliveNow build AR modules into a mobile app with AR at the center of the experience with AR Core for android & AR kit for iOS apps.

AliveNow renders Enterprise VR to conceptualize, design, and build VR solutions like headset & gloves. Wearing them on lets touch stuff in VR, experience sensual emotions in their body, mind, and soul as if those effects are occurring not only in presence of them but also to them in the virtual world.

Backed by the prolific technology team, the design team, and the business
team; AliveNow worked on Swiggy's first-ever AR Ad which was featured as one of Facebook Business global Success Stories.

For the launch of the XUV 300 from Mahindra; AliveNow devised an experience where blinking the eyes would alter the color of the car and developed an immersive AR experience for UAE National Day in the Middle East which reached millions.

“We want to be the go-to partner for full-fledged AR solutions by innovating various AR platforms that can be used by B2B & B2C brands. The aim is to continue strengthening the team to build top quality AR solutions globally that will result in higher engagement and memorable experiences,” attests Adhvith Dhuddu, Founder of AliveNow.

From 3D design & animation to full-fledged AR development, AliveNow endows digital campaigns to more than 750 firms in 32 countries

With AliveNow; each Newsfeed SmartApp is custom based, built on a robust platform, tested before launch and then be boosted to the target viewers.

In the extent of few years; AliveNow has landed an ascendancy over digital marketing with brands like Facebook, Instagram, Reliance Retail, FMCG companies, PepsiCo due to the quality of work and effective delivery mechanism.

From 3D design & animation to full-fledged AR development, AliveNow endows digital campaigns to more than 750 firms in 32 countries and has worked with reputed brands like ICC, Unilever brands, Puma, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HSBC, Intel, Audi, BMW, and many more.