Xarpie Labs: Making Visualization and Simulation Immersive

CIO Vendor Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) solutions are progressing from being mere buzzwords to having compelling use cases. But even with its advancement, what remains a challenge is the blending of digital experiences and physical experiences seamlessly in a realistic manner. The real challenge lies in capturing the overwhelming information processed by visual senses as compared to other senses. This is the exact reason why visual identity, visual display, and visual appeal matters the most. This fact holds true in diverse business sectors including retail, defence, hospitality, health and fitness, automotive, infrastructure, real estate, and manufacturing. With Gartner already indicating that by 2020, 46 percent of businesses (especially retailers) plan to deploy AR or VR solutions to meet customer service requirements, it is quite evident that the impending boom of AR/VR solutions will reshape the way industries are functioning.

Riding this tide, Bangalore based visualization and simulation technology company, Xarpie Labs, is strategically applying the notion of ‘not limited to sight’ to all of its solutions to burnish them to perfection. Xarpie Labs’ vision is to create a vivid visualization for its clients. This drives its team to research innovative solutions by rendering various senses of smell, sound, and touch along with a vision. To provide such nuanced products, Xarpie Labs embodies customer centric systems level thinking into all its processes and solutions. It requires identifying the best hardware and software technologies to adapt them to ensure seamless integration and a unique immersive experience for the users. Additionally, to provide increased flexibility to the customers, Xarpie Labs has built applications on different platforms including desktops and browsers.
Understanding the Customers Better
“Improving 3D and interactive visualization of products is increasing sales in real time for our customers,” states Murali Arikara, CEO, Xarpie Labs. In this regard, Xarpie Labs is successful in helping the clients implement advanced visualization according to their needs through its unique solutions. One of Xarpie Labs’ recent VR based solutions was implemented for a global computing hardware firm. The firm’s multitude of retail outlets intended to showcase products and customized solutions to prospective SME customers. Retail outlets cannot carry all products, neither demonstrate the functionality of packaged hardware and software solutions. Understanding consumer requirements is another challenge at the ground level. Leveraging VR, Xarpie labs implemented an innovative virtual store which aims to understand its customers’ requirements and provide trusted advice for relevant solutions, in line with the client’s business motto.

Improving 3D and interactive visualization of products is increasing sales in realtime forour customers

A Fulfilling Market Validation
“Being a technology agnostic and customer centric company, we focus on delivering innovative experiences to our clients. We invest a significant portion of our revenue on R&D to develop unique industry focussed platforms, ensuring quality and ease of deployment,” says Sri Karumbati, CTO. The company has already established an impressive base of clients and is partnering with some of the best names in the market. Almost 30 percent of an ultra luxury real estate’s inventory was sold with the help of Xarpie Labs’ VR solution at the prelaunch phase giving a fulfilling market validation.