MirrAR Innovation Technologies Pvt Ltd: Bringing Physical and Digital Worlds Together with AR

CIO Vendor The global AR and VR market is expected to reach approximately USD 814.7 billion mark by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 63.01 percent between 2019 and 2025, according to a research report by Zion Market. AR and VR technologies have been in usage for over a long period of time, however, they have entered into the mainstream only recently with massive adoption across the industries of ecommerce, realestate, automobile, entertainment, online gaming to name a few. “AR technology provides an interactive and immersive experience, facilitating the customers make quick decisions. Still the AR market in India is in nascent stage and awareness among the people about the technology is comparatively low. People need to be educated about the huge opportunities that AR could provide for their businesses. Also there are lots of opportunities to provide efficient AR solutions,” says JP, Founder & CEO. MirrAR Technologies, a company headquartered at Chennai flipped the overall AR market trends by developing a webbased platform to bring AR into the mainstream and offer customers unique immersive experience of AR.

A Web-Based Platform for AR Experience
MirrAR Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for clients cutting across the business verticals by leveraging AR and 3D technologies. The company eliminates the friction of installing application by offering first of its kind try on platform, instatry.com to help clients increase the brand presence, improve the engagement with customers and market the products in innovative ways for increased ROI. “We are the pioneers in developing browser based AR platform combined with AI to enable customers to have the AR experience with our plug and play solution by just opening the URL and giving access to the webcam from the mobile/desktop browser. We have one another product VisualizAR that helps to visualize the products in 3D in real world. We also tailor make the solutions to a particular use case depending on the requirement of the
clients to add value to customer experience and get them engaged,” informs Muthuraj, Co-founder & CTO, MirrAR.

We are the pioneers in developing browser based AR platform combined with AI to enable customers to have the AR experience with our plug and play solution

Reshaping E-Commerce Industry
Augmented Reality is transforming the e-commerce industry by enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction and by assisting customers in better and accurate decision making. MirrAR Technologies helps e-commerce businesses drive revenues by providing interactive and innovative digital means to market their products and help them drive customers through omnichannel presence. “Sellers can directly sign up to our platform instatry.com and we will enable them access after a quick background check. They can easily upload their product photographs be it jewellery, spectacle or apparel and market them at an independent product level or at a catalogue level or in the entire e-commerce portal by sharing the product URL. When the customer opens the URL of the product they can try the product on them live and take the photograph of them wearing the product, the brand logo gets embedded into the photograph, which in turn helps in the promotion of the brand when it is shared in social media. This allows clients to market their products by using the customers and every individual customer becomes a brand ambassador for the client's products” opines JP.

MirrAR has been working with largest realestate companies and several jewellery businesses in across India to drive their revenues by using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies.