HTSS: Making AR/VR Adoption Cost-effective and Coherent

CIO Vendor AR and VR have been around for more than 30 years. It is due to extremely high development costs and the complexity of AR/VR devices, that they have not found their way into the extensive commercial application. These factors have created a vacuum in AR/VR market segment. To facilitate users with unconstrained AR/VR applications and to utilize the vacuum available in this market segment, a well established Chennai based software development company, HTSS is successfully addressing the challenges, both in technical and marketing domains. HTSS addresses the changing needs of its client’s businesses with solutions that are not only cost effective but also fast to deploy, easily scalable and reliable.

Based on its 22 years of global experience, HTSS moves according to the ever changing needs of AR/VR segment. In particular, the biggest challenge faced by this sector is the need to provide committed IT solutions that are cost-effective, adaptable and coherent with existing infrastructure. “The company ensures delivering “tier-one” quality service at a “tier-two” cost to enable clients to gain a competitive advantage while enhancing the value of their business,”states, Dr.C.Mathiazhagan, Director, HTSS.

With a successful track record of serving the most demanding customers, the emphasis is on quality, world class human resources, and cutting edge solutions. Also, HTSS is Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System with International accreditation through AIAO (American International Accreditation Organization) for ‘Providing IT Enabled Services & Software Development and Services’. Owing to its consistent strive towards the latest technologies, HTSS has been awarded NSIC- BWR Credit and Performance Rating of SE 2A indicating High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength.
Forging Valuable Partnership by Targeting Core Tasks
While traditional outsourcing concentrates on non-core tasks being shipped out, HTSS targets core tasks, the more critical part of an organization. Traditional offshore development is promoted on the premise of price wars alone, while HTSS offshore development is built on the idea of having a skilled knowledge force at a remote location,at a competitive price. As such, HTSS builds its own AR/VR solutions by understanding the market expectations. The company forges a valuable partnership with client companies and provides not only the end to end product but also brainstorms future solutions. HTSS allows its client companies to outsource AR/VR talent and its dependent technologies to HTSS, helping the clients to focus on their core strength while delivering products to their customers.

The company ensures delivering “tier-one” quality service at a “tier-two” cost to enable clients to gain a competitive advantage while enhancing the value of their business

High Stability Quotient Apart from various solutions, HTSS has positioned itself as one of the torchbearers in taking up the AR/VR technology to the next generation. The company has been conducting workshops on AR/VR in various engineering colleges to ignite young minds by exposing the emerging technology to them. Such far sighted initiatives, vision, and a dedicated team have brought the company to witness a consistent growth of 12-15 percent at a year on year basis for the past four years, an indication of high stability, even during a period of economic turmoil especially when IT companies have seen negative growth.