Enso Immersive: Developing leading AR VR solutions in India

CIO Vendor Established in December, 2015, Enso Immersive has deep dived into the world of technology enabled immersive media, thus innovating industry milestones in XR software development across verticals. Melding cutting edge technology with design thinking methodologies, Enso is placed at a sweet spot that enables them to deliver breath taking immersive experiences powered by a dynamic and evolutionary technology backbone, keeping a very ROI focused, data driven and analytical approach towards problem solving.

Kansai Nerolac Paints is India's leading paint manufacturing companies. "We approached Nerolac Paints with an objective to improve upon their current sales pipeline", says Kshitij Goenka, Founding Partner, Enso Immersive. "Through elaborate discussions and interactions with their management, we arrived at a problem statement Getting a customer to imagine the color on their wall is not as effective as getting them to visualize it directly, making the purchase decision faster and more satisfying for the customer."

In 2018, we had deployed the 1st Phase of the solution A virtual reality powered application built upon Google's Daydream VR capabilities. Through this application, Nerolac dealers and vendors would be able to provide their customers with a photo realistic 360 degree environment where the customer can directly visualize the colors and how they would actually look on a fully painted wall. The Nerolac management was provided with a webbased dashboard where they can keep a track, in reatime, of the usage of the application. "The management can see live on the dashboard which colors and shades are being shortlisted by the customers as they use the application in realtime and they can visit the analytics section to find out many KPI driven insights about their market and its consumption patterns," explains Kshitij Goenka, Founding Partner, Enso Immersive. "XR Technologies have immense potential of generating massive behavioral user data and we at Enso make it our business to understand the scope, scale and potential of this data and how it can be used to create self improving managerial mechanisms that empower
decision making across the board," he adds. In 2019, we are all set to launch the 2nd phase of the application with more advanced and personalized features for customers.

Enso Immersive is a new age technology driven organization that enables businesses and brands to experience, understand and utilize the most advanced and sought after technologies

"Under promise, Over deliver" is a strong and defining ethos that has been built into our professional outlook towards our clients. Enso Immersive is a new age technology driven organization that enables businesses and brands to experience, understand and utilize the most advanced and sought after technologies," says Vedant Saxena, Founding Partner. The company houses some of the best minds in 3D design, programming, and coding, along with curators of customized high end virtual reality and augmented reality solutions. The firm is committed to the development of applications using immersive technologies and is looking for opportunities to explore new boundaries and develop ground-breaking solutions for its clients.

Enso is currently growing at over 150% CAGR. Efficiency in work force has been their mantra since the start of 2017 wherein they hired the most talented, passionate and multidisciplinary developers so that they are able to reduce the team size, boost performance, reduce delivery time and increase efficiency.