Discus Business Solutions: Bringing Customized and Engaging AR/VR Experiences to Customers

CIO Vendor Augmented and Virtual reality products have begun to take off on a large scale in the technology world, owing to their ability to provide unique and customized ways to help enterprises exceed expectations. Be it in any kind of business across diverse industry verticals, AR technology can help drive innovation into products, processes and services to bring unparalleled experiences to customers. Moreover, in today's fastpaced business environment, AR, with its ability to be accessible anywhere and anytime, can accurately help in the design and development of applications as well as in simplifying marketing, customer service, and decision making tasks, and is thereby being sought after by companies across the globe. Corroborating this fact are IDC's research reports which forecast the worldwide spending on AR and Virtual Reality (VR) to surpass USD 20 billion by the end of 2019.

However, despite these advantages, organizations still have to overcome a number of hurdles before adopting AR technology, especially when it comes to creating content availability, having quality hardware, building a systematic pipeline of AR expertise, and educating the market about AR technology. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Ahmedabad headquartered Discus Business Solutions steps forward with a complete portfolio of AR/VR offerings to provide organizations in this segment with meaningful experiences.

Since its inception in 2009, Discus Business Solutions has been focused on designing digital eco systems, complex platforms and in developing IoT solutions, tools and user experiences to simplify tasks for customers. With its approach, methods and practices rooted in collaboration, the company focuses on delivering actionable strategies, tangible products and innovative solutions that are savvy and compelling. Discus also builds digital products and services for the connected consumer across some of the world's most popular devices and emerging platforms, helping them turn crucial insights into new ideas and useful, meaningful experiences.

Further, when it comes to AR/VR technology specifically, Discus takes a content oriented approach and leverages its skilled research team and deep industry expertise to provide customers with tailor made solutions. "While the AR/VR market is primarily divided into hardware and content, Discus Business Solutions' major focus is on the development of content. We, as a company, focus on providing customized solutions in alignment with the client needs, thereby educating them and also solving their problems using AR/VR as a technology," explains Aatish Motipara, Partner, Discus Business Solutions. The company's expansive portfolio of offerings includes customer specific AR/VR Development, AR VR app development, mixed reality solutions, interactive real time engineering and design, game development, interactive kiosk in VR, enabling of multiuser collaboration and VR corporate films.

We, as a company, focus on providing customized solutions in alignment with the client needs, thereby educating them and also solving their problems using AR/VR as a technology

Speaking of the company's development process, Discus focuses on first identifying the customer prob lem following which the company's research team carries out extensive research on the issue. The company then employs the latest technology to build the perfect solution for the customer. Moreover, all the solutions built by Discus are mobile app driven and mobile friendly so as to create more mobility and cut down hardware costs. The company also acts a technology consulting partner for its clients, helping them sift through the latest technology available and choose the best fit for their enterprise.

Having delivered its tailor-made solutions to a large number of customers in this segment, Discus has carved a niche for itself in this domain and garnered a name as one of the leading AR/VR solutions providers in the country. Moving forward, the company intends to explore new hardware and bring more AR/VR innovations in the upcoming future.