3DScanPro: Integrating AR/VR with IoT and Data Analytics to Expedite Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor The global market for AR-VR-MR and other forms of emerging media have matured in the last 2 years, from being used at trade fairs and public events as a gimmick to generate crowd interest, to a value added differentiated tool, which has seen serious interest in the enterprise segment.

“Globally speaking, 2017 was the year of Proof of Concepts (PoC) and 2018 was the year of Proof of Value (PoV) in terms of the early enterprise adopters. In India, we are still in the Proof of Concept(PoC) stage, and early interactions with industry indicate that they are aware of the value of AR-VR products, but unsure how and where it fits within their IT tools portfolio. Early adopters are evaluating pilot AR projects for use as an enhanced communication, visibility, and predictive tool. We expect Indian enterprises to start onboarding the augmented reality tools train by 2021,” states Deepak Shapeti, Founder, 3DScanPro & TransformAR.

He continues, “With India’s positioning as a net exporter (excluding crude oil), and increasing global acceptance of Indian manufactured machines, technologies, products, turnkey projects; AR-VR is an invaluable tool for Indian CIO’s to scale their product-service offerings and geographic reach. Post implementation, most AR-VR tools in enterprises can increase customer engagement, satisfaction, retention, while driving measurable efficiency and cost gains”.

3DScanPro & TransformAR were founded by a team of passionate techpreneurs whose love for innovative technology was the unifying factor. Starting off as emerging media business storytelling solutions for public events and trade fairs (XhibitAR), they have since transitioned to consulting to focus on solving business problems at scale, by use of AR-VR technology, across a variety of verticals.

We expect Indian enterprises to start onboarding the augmented reality tools train by 2021

Providing a Competitive Edge with Key Differentiators
3DScanPro is positioned as a full stack IT firm to enable the client’s journey from digitization to PoC/PoV to implementation and deployment, while exploring and leveraging the full potential of AR-VR to solve challenging business problems for customers. 3DScanPro attempts to allay the skepticism regarding adoption of new age practices by means of AR/VR technologies and tools to boost the enterprises’ productivity and overall potential, with key differentiators including but not limited to: Full stack, integration with IoT and Data Analytics, Inhouse Data Science team for advanced AR needing custom deep learning algorithms.

Scaling the VR Frontiers
In the Virtual Reality realm, 3DScanPro has established its niche by offering two flavors of VR experiences. We offer a completely digital environment and Real life Object or Environment Creation. Both experiences need an art tech collaboration led by artists who specialize in screenplay and script writing for VR; different from 2D-3D media scripts. Herein, the viewer is the director himself, due to the additional dynamic of being able to look anywhere at any time during the journey. An example was the signature piece created for GRIHA Council incorporating a 360 video shot via a special stabilized drone mounted camera showcasing increasing pollution in India. A 5 minute VR short showcased on HTC Vive with 360 video combined with a true 3D walkthrough of two GRIHA council approved buildings reproduced in full 3D glory via photo grammetry and specialised 3D RGB camera. The whole experience was scripted with a positional voice over track. This was built as a full interactive experience where users could use the HTC Vive controllers to navigate and interact with the space around them.