X Lab: Making X Number of Technologies Come to Life

Immersive experiences are new forms of content, new narrative mechanisms and a new language around Production, which span the Creative Industries. Immersive technologies (AR, VR, XR) are the most significant and potentially disruptive technologies to impact the Creative Industries since the web in the mid 90s. Now, as VR/AR/XR has grown in interest and demand, automation tools and open source software and support has been built around it in the past few years. Applications and platforms V-commerce, for example have started making their way into the market. However, a technology is vulnerable to becoming obsolete if not enhanced. Headquartered in New York, xLab is a Creative Agency that is focused on helping brands build a digital ecosystem of products to cater to the evolving needs of a business’ users. More importantly, the company strives to push the frontiers of the possibilities of immersive technologies, rather than just ride the trend. Leveraging technologies like Virtual Reality, Web Development, Augmented Reality, and Web-based Game Development, xLab works on real world problems affecting users the world over. As part of the parent company Internet Business Japan, xLab aims at broadening the horizons of technology to the industry at large, through their range of services.

Yusuke Eric Matsumura, Lead Researcher

As the industries shift their focus from web to VR/AR/XR, innovation is no more the centre piece of the application, integration is. xLab’s existing partners at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields, consult xLab for advice on integrating a particular technology into their services. “They see us as an R&D centre; one that they approach to build, grow, and execute their ideas into something significant”,says Yusuke Eric Matsumura, Lead Researcher at xLab. In any project, xLab attends to the client’s developers, project
managers, as well as sales and marketing specialists at the implementation and demand level. Post this, xLab proceeds to build and implement prototypes that are drawn from combinations of VR, AR, the Web, IoT, AI, and Desktop Publishing, to name a few.

" With Offices In India, France And The Us, Xlab Has The Upper Hand Of Understanding The Global Demand And Diverse Use Cases"

Two Fold Impact
xLab business model allows a close partnership between their R&D wing and the 'Education wing Internet Academy'. xLab’s Internet Academy was also one of the very first official Unity training partners/centres in the world. xLab impacts the market directly through its applications. At the same time, it im pacts indirectly through the experience and knowledge gained out of developing, innovating and collaborating with the partners, which later gets shared with the next generation of developers. Hence, it is not just about the application of technology, but pushing it limits for an even more advanced future by passing on the skills.

Founded in Tokyo in 1995, with offices in India, France and the US, xLab has the upper hand of under- standing the global demand and the diverse use cases. It has helped the company to base their implementations of applications with an advantage over geography. xLab’s core motto is to ‘Make x happen’, where ‘x’ is a variable that covers a broad spectrum of technologies. “We believe that technology is the driving force that revolutionises the way we interact with the world around us, and therefore we devote our time and focus to bringing emerging technologies to life whether in the VR space, or beyond”, concludes Eric.