Phoxel Technologies: Innovations at the Forefront of Advanced Visualization Technologies

According to ‘India Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market By Product Type, By End-user, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 – 2021’, India AR & VR market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 55 percent during 2016 - 2021. Moreover, Global players are looking at India for the blooming innovation, creative solutions, development services, and outsourced digital & graphical works, particularly in the arena of emerging immersive technologies. In this surplus of demands, Hyderabad headquartered Phoxel Technologies develops technologies and build solutions using immersive technologies around Visualization Layer, Business Logic Layer and the Data Model Layer.

Raja Jupuudi, CEO& Co-Founder
At CES2018, industry giants show cased the wonder Augmented Reality could do. Google introduced ARCore and Apple played the ARKit card. Both are platforms for building augmented reality experiences for Android and iOS devices. These use capabilities such as motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation, etc., to integrate virtual content with the real world. ARKit2 helps developers to build unparalleled augmented reality experiences, giving users greater immersive opportunities.

Phoxel’s expertise lies in building AR products using ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Unity, Tango, Microsoft Hololens and other complementing frameworks. Phoxel has in-house expertise and advisory of domain knowledge, to serve domestic and international clientele. The company has resources to quickly scale, access to huge talent pool and services. Phoxel is primarily catering to B2B and enterprise segments. The strategic advantage for Phoxel’s partners and its global clients is their vast experience, in depth knowledge in various business verticals, international experiences gained with global leaders, association with multicultural and multilingual environments and delivery capabilities under stressed conditions. Phoxel brings a bouquet of associated technologies by integrating with Big Data, AI & ML, and Blockchain, etc.
Key Instances of Expertise with GoI
Phoxel Technologies has been playing at international standards, by applying the cutting-edge technology to produce AR-based visualisation business solutions. In a signifi cant venture with the government’s defense agency, Phoxel built a solution showcasing a custom built defense-specifi c fi rstresponder application that was well received by the country’s top notch agency. “Having a great team, creative intellect and the well experienced advisory helped us to receive great appreciations from some of the top agencies of the country. Receiving a pat from the Director General of National Security Guards(NSG), Sudhir Pratap Singh certainly encourages and reassures our efforts”, says Ujjwal Kumar, CTO & Co-Founder at Phoxel Technologies. Similarly, the solution built for National Investigation Agency(NIA)was weaved around AR with state of the art hardware like Microsoft Hololens, catering to the investigation application which could assist judiciary too. The team of skilled people in the team and the expertise being carried in AR & MR are pioneering some of the innovative approaches to solving key problems that are otherwise hard to address.

Ujjwal Kumar, CTO& Co-Founder

Phoxel Technologies have been at the forefront of the emerging technologies and has been actively involved in tackling challenging tasks head-front. “Phoxel Technologies is a leading player in the Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality(XR)segment, drawing attention from some of the India’s top agencies, multinational companies and others. Couple of leading global organisations are in talks with Phoxel for possible collaborations and tie-ups” concludes Raja Jupuudi, CEO & Co Founder at Phoxel Technologies. With such interesting turn of events with Phoxel, the C- suites can look forward to some groundbreaking entries from Phoxel in the near future.