Liminal: Welcome the New Age Definition to Marketing

In the past couple of years, there has been a shift towards video advertising on mobile and desktop. In fact, Facebook video and YouTube are the two most popular content distribution channels for brands and marketers. Experiential marketing is the new standard for brands, as users are becoming disillusioned by unengaging static ads and preroll videos. As part of a movement to take brand engagement to another level, the terms VR and AR have become increasingly prevalent in the modern day marketing. Driving genius solutions on this wave of experiential marketing, Mumbai based Liminal, is a creative agency that blend storytelling and technology in a perfect way to create content solutions using augmented reality and virtual reality. Assisting businesses rediscover marketing, Liminal enables organizations to absorb AR/VR in all communication channels to reach the customers in an impressive and immersive way.

Manish Bhanushali, Director Technology, Saurabh Ranjan, Creative Director& B Saketh Ram, Director Business Operations

Liminal is driven by a team of young and eccentric geniuses with distinct skill-sets, which include industry exposure in fields of 3D design& animation, software development, digital marketing, cinema and UI/UX design. “We believe in giving ownership to each individual and the cumulative result becomes greater than the sum of its parts. So, Liminal is paving the path of this digital journey of market”, explains Saketh Bhagavatula, Co-Founder & Business Head at Liminal.

As the adoption of immersive tech continues to increase, especially in Enterprise, we have an opportunity to create life-changing extended
reality (AR/VR/MR = XR) products. That is, as long as it’s the right use case for the right people at the right time. However, this is easier said than done, especially when XR solutions, headset adoption, and customer expectations are obvious moving targets. Being relatively new and open to various research-intensive solutions, AR/VR solutions, specifically, need to be selected accurately for a right strategic approach in the market. Making a series of successful efforts, Liminal reverse engineers solutions from the problem statement. Understanding of a certain industry and familiarizing with their value chain has always been given center stage in Liminal, while building solutions. “We have been able to identify and develop industry specific use-cases, and we have been successful so far”, adds Saketh.

Further reaching out to every industry, Liminal’s VR production studio creates immersive experiences for different kind of verticals. Right from conceptualization, and production to post-production, this creative agency has an end-to-end in-house capacity. Live-streaming content in VR is an exciting new technology service that Liminal has been proudly presenting to its clients lately. Given the kind of technology and approach Liminal has presented, it’s only fair that the company got recognition form ABBY awards and ‘Asian Customer Engagement Forum’.

Testifying Mission Specific Capabilities
In a venture with a global glass manufacturing company dealing with products for construction and automobiles sectors, Liminal replaced their physical samples of different glasses with a VR mobile app. This VR mobile app showcases the real life application of products and creates a simulation of residential and commercial properties, in which, the user can navigate from one room to other and explore different products of the manufacturers as it is used.

Liminal is steering towards Mixed Reality in order to bring about more innovative and use case specific products and solutions. Like a flag bearer on the march, Liminal has more AR based marketing tools up their sleeve which would make more brands adopt reality(AR/VR/MR)innovation in their campaigns.