Immersive Gaze: The Way Connected and Immersive Technology are Reshaping Business Verticals

Mahesh Balakrishnan, EVP

The premier provider of market intelligence, IDC, has recently stated the impact that the use of immersive technologies, such as Augmented reality(AR)and Virtual Reality(VR)will have across numerous industries. It’s increasingly shifting its zone of operation from latent domains to several wide varieties of unconventional industries. These immersive technologies are reshaping the world of design, training, learning, and entertainment to name a few. Headquartered in Chennai, a preeminent Immersive technology Company, Immersive Gaze, is engaging several business verticals with its immersive contents. Immersive Gaze formulates solutions, services and technologies to augment connected technologies like Internet of Things(IoT) with AR/VR/MR. The scope of the company spreads to far and wide and reaches to real estate, defence, pharma, manufacturing, training students, health industry, IoT, and Data Intelligence & Automation. The company entices customers with a gamut of mainstream technologies catering to several operations of HR, sales, marketing, advertising, and branding. Immersive Gaze sets its solutions in the motion to communicate to brands and corporates that have matured as sustainable solutions.

Being one of the most sought-after augmented reality company, Immersive Gaze focuses on innovative engagement of customers wrapping them with some of the best experiences that a human can perceive through AR software. The whole new dimension of immersive analytics takes a leap forward when Immersive Gaze enables the businesses to see the ‘digital twin’ of IoT and Immersive Technology, as the complete bridge between physical and digital worlds.

The Digital Twin
Immersive Gaze strategically enhances the scope and area of the digital twin, right from hospital to education. This double technology
cuts the cost and increases the productivity and efficiency by giving them better decision-making chances. For instance, in healthcare industry, Immersive Gaze has come up with products that work with HoloLens.With the Microsoft HoloLens changing the surgical study with its interactive experiences, MR is increasingly replacing cadavers as training tools. Doctors are increasingly interacting with cadaver and using them for initial training. The autopsy, surgery training, learning to conduct surgery, and several other operations are being simulated where real interaction with human body can take place.

"Immersive Gaze sets its solutions in the motion to communicate to brands and corporates that have matured as sustainable solutions"

Involved with this media technology since 2010, the company is spearheading in providing Proof of Concepts using all kinds of HMD including Microsoft HoloLens. The value-based solutions are based on the new advanced HMD, wherein the contents are developed that are compatible with all major platforms like, Unity, Unreal, iOS, Android, and Microsoft making its value as irreplaceable. In an altogether different industry from health, Immersive Gaze proffers Gamification solutions as well. With a game named VACO from VENUS, the company is all set to bring fore a refreshing side of immersive technology. Currently available in iOS, this strategic based educational game is for 7th to 9th grade students. VACO from VENUS is a comprehensive platform to stimulate the anticipation level of children helping them in the learning process and proffering practical solutions adding value to lifestyle.

Immersive Technology in Business
Over the last decade, technology has unlocked incredible new ways for businesses and industries to connect and customize experiences. Having more access to virtual reality, dimensions, and data, the IoT connected devices along with immersive technologies are taking the world of technology by storm. Administering new strategies in several ‘Design Thinking’ verticals like leveraging IoT in Healthcare, education, automobiles, and manufacturing, Immersive Gaze is taking its initiatives to the helm to address a universal problem. As such, Immersive Gaze is all set to appear a prominent player in this domain, thereby, seamlessly superimposing virtual imagery over a user’s view of the real world.