Augmentastic: Delivering Innovative AR Solutions for Augmentastic Experience

A very reputed name in power management, works to provide energy efficient solutions that helps customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. This energy domain player sought to bring to market, a mixed reality application where multiple users anywhere in the world are able to virtually see their system, and experience it in life size with real-time data seen from the system. Here existed a challenge to create a real life size experience of the system in mixed reality being shared with multiple people within the same virtual mixed reality environment, with interactions.

"Augmentastic is a technology-driven firm focused on augmenting user experience to the next level"

Augmentastic was approached, analysing and evaluating all possible solutions, the company narrowed down on their choices of platform to Microsoft Hololens to develop the application to create a mixed reality solution. The system was remodelled in 3D with close to reality look and every detail of the system in place to visualize it in mixed reality environment. Augmentastic integrated the sensor data on the system from the cloud into the mixed reality environment, with real time charts to be displayed on interactions with the components. The complete experience was configured to work on multiple Hololens devices, where each one could visualize the same virtual system in mixed reality, interact with it where others could view a particular user’s interaction.

Having put across such an exceptional resolution opening wider possibilities for the business, Augmentastic has presented their expertise to empower the industries with latest emerging technologies using Augmented and Mixed Reality already integrated in the core fields of maintenance, operations and training. Augmentastic is a technology-driven firm focused on augmenting user experience to the next level. The skilled and experienced people in Augmentastic toil to enable new and interactive experiences that draw strengths from the emerging technologies like Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed
reality and Internet of Things (IoT), Experiential Marketing. Augmentastic, with its innovative solutions increases revenue and attracts new customers through industrial applications and training, experiential training, Industrial IoT implementation service, location based services, Experiential events, partner advertising, online retail, and in-store incentives and promotions. “We try to bring groundbreaking human- centered platforms to empower anyone to simply infuse their industry knowledge into customized AR and MR solutions”, says Arun G Vaswani, Founder & Director at Augmentastic.

Arun G Vaswani, Founder & Director

With a build to discover approach, Augmentastic aims to build capabilities for leveraging the endless opportunities in the digital space and its impact in the future. The company builds the solutions to go back to collect real life data and consequently improve the journey. The founding members of the startup believe that AR, more than just entertainment-oriented technology, can prove to be a medium to communicate and share information in a consumer business context. Foreseeing AR gaining relevance in customers interest and needs, Augmentastic works towards more innovative ideas, earning ROIs for brands and measurable success. Ultimately AR has the potential to completely transform the way we see and interact with the world around us. Businesses that acknowledge this and move quickly to embrace the technology will be well positioned to ride this wave.