Advity Infomedia: Bringing 3D to Web

From showing simple wire frames drawings in 1968 to Microsoft Hololens and now to our mobile phones, we as witnesses of technology have come a long way. A young startup, Advity Infomedia, headquartered in Bangalore believes that content is not limited just to images, text or videos there are other possible ways in which the information can be seen and received. And, one such way is the 3D content through virtual and augmented reality platforms. The promise and peril of immersive technologies, AR/VR sector is on the verge of a new dawn with large and significant investments made by tech giants. This directs towards the challenge of making those technologies easily accessible for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, Advity’s R&D focuses on building web based VR/AR platforms sparing the businesses of the processes to download mobile apps and software. This web-based AR/VR software product based company builds platforms bringing 3D to web in order to make information more interactive and help businesses to move a step ahead in conveying their brand information that sells their products and services.

Anand Ram Nagaraj, Founder

Truly Immersive As Anand Ram, Founder of Advity explains; Advity’s product range is selective, research based, and is a result of working closely with brands ranging from consumer product brands to machinery manufacturing industries. 3D Smart Logo Scan, is one such product that derives its mission critical usability from Advity’s years of experience. The product works on web AR platform which enables a user to scan a particular printed brand's logo to get their
product information in 3D. Besides, the logo can be anywhere, be it a business card, newspaper Ad or a Commercial billboard. According to stats, the brand gets an average user engagement time of 3.5 minutes for being interactive. Advity also customizes 3D content for a particular product or service of the brand by using web based VR and AR platforms, where the brands can easily integrate this feature by adding the simple link onto their existing web site. The feature becomes a part of their marketing channel rather than being an extra marketing channel. Moreover, Advity’s Web Gesture control AR/VR creates an immersive and highly engaging platform for brands which demand more exposure and two way user interactivity. This technology mainly focuses on converting a casual visitor into a potential client.

"Advity’s R&D focuses on building web based VR/AR platforms sparing the businesses of the processes to download mobile apps and software"

The foundational stones for the company were laid with a real estate client, wherein Advity integrated web AR smart scan into their newspaper Ads, which enabled the readers to mobile scan the builder’s logo to get their project elevation in 3D, interactive 3D floor plans, exterior elevation & walk through of the project. One after the other, Advity wrote success stories, with the latest involving a medical equipment manufacturer. For the manufacturer, Advity has simulated and setup their manufacturing units virtually. These simulated setups helped the client to easily access, view in much detail and reach their targeted client base remotely through Advity’s virtual reality platform.

The latest marvel from Advity is the new web VR common 3D plat- form called Show case This platform mainly focuses on B2B ‘Make in India’ manufacturing electronic products. While AI and ML remain the prime focus of innovation, Advity is looking towards enhancing Augmented and virtual reality platforms by integrating Block chain with the combination of AI, thereby adding infinite value to the products and their end users alike.